Our experiences

We don't serve hype vibes; we offer genuine and unadulterated sensations.

Crafting memorable dining moments isn’t about what’s on the plate, but the story you weave around it. And at Astakos we have many stories to tell you!

At ASTAKOS you don’t just order from a menu, you live and learn from the neighborhood fishermen about the importance of local marine tradition and you savour truly fresh marine bounty. You will select your fish right from the artisan fishermen’s fresh catches, like the locals do. You will find the perfect backdrop for your Instagram pose or your TikTok video in front of our own fishing boat. Our shellfish expert will wander around the tables showcasing his sea treasures and will be there to guide you while choosing the best seafood for you and your company. From our shellfish guru to our fish boxes at the fish market next to the tavern, where you can select your… dish to be, our unique features aim to uplift the common ground of food to a universal experience.

The tray with the welcome dishes (mezedes) is Astakos’ commitment that here, you will be welcomed as a stranger but you will leave as friend. Moving inside the restaurant, a cozy “fireplace” hosts the Chef’s daily culinary creations.

This is the heart of our kitchen, where most of our daily dishes are prepared. Here, the flames don’t just cook the fish; they ignite your mood, inviting you to explore a culinary adventure beyond the ordinary.