Hook to Fork

Our philosophy

From the sea to your dish and straight to your soul

Astakos invites you to immerse yourself into the flavors and traditions of Greek seafood cuisine. Fresh seafood, an enchanting atmosphere and a philosophy rooted in Greek hospitality, will create unforgettable moments worth cherishing.

Our experiences

We don't serve hype vibes; we offer genuine and unadulterated sensations.

Crafting memorable dining moments isn’t about what’s on the plate, but the story you weave around it. And at Astakos we have many stories to tell you! The fishermen in the adjacent fish market who sail every morning to return with the catch of the day, the fish stalls, from where you will choose your fresh fish, our private trawl

Our chef

Angelos Bakopoulos

At ASTAKOS, we are proud to have Angelos Bakopoulos at the helm of our kitchen. A renowned figure in the foodies’ world, Bakopoulos brings his exceptional talent and innovative approach to our restaurant, ensuring every dish is a masterpiece.

Bakopoulos is widely recognized for his role as the Culinary Director at the Katikies Mykonos & Santorini Hotels, as well as at the blockbuster Lezante Cape hotel in Zakynthos and recently at the legendary Bill & Coo Restaurants in Mykonos. His culinary excellence has been acknowledged with numerous awards from esteemed gastronomy institutions such as the FNL Best Restaurant Awards and the Toques d’ Or.

He is celebrated for his unique culinary language, which combines respect for raw materials with a conceptual approach to cooking. His dishes are always delicious, innovative, and rooted in the rich traditions of Greek cuisine. Bakopoulos’ dedication to quality, innovation, and authenticity ensures that every meal at ASTAKOS is a notable culinary experience signed by one of Greece’s most important chefs of the new generation.


Our dishes

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    Hook to Fork

    "From the sea to your plate"

    Explore a gastronomic proposal beyond the usual. With your spirits high, head over to the fish stalls to choose the fish you will then enjoy on your plate.