About Us

Our philosophy
From the sea to your dish and straight to your soul

Astakos invites you to immerse yourself into the flavors and traditions of Greek seafood cuisine. Fresh seafood, an enchanting atmosphere and a philosophy rooted in Greek hospitality, will create unforgettable moments worth cherishing. At ASTAKOS, the unpredictability of the sea meets our acclaimed chef’s culinary expertise, to offer you an authentic “hook to fork” (sea to table) experience, inspired by the untouchable ethos of artisanal fishermen.
We are not “just-another” fish restaurant on the Athenian Riviera. We strive to be the standard of Greek seafood culinary tradition, celebrating the core values of authenticity, simplicity, and generosity. Astakos’ mission is to revive the spirit of the traditional Greek identity of food, where the joy of sharing moments in a “parea” (loved ones), creates “those” worthwhile memories and stories. ASTAKOS is not just about what’s on your plate. ASTAKOS is a place of connection, a place to celebrate life’s moments over a “meze” or more, with a glass of excellent wine, ouzo or tsipouro from the selections of our sommelier. Geia mas!